Sunday, January 10, 2010

Megtard love

Yesterday I went with my friend Megtard to DELCIOUS panera bread than to the mall to return some items she received for Christmas and didn't like very much. I also decided to do a litle shopping since I had gotten an Abercrombie gift card. I hadn't been in that store in lord knows how long and I honestly could care less to go back in there as well. I like Forever21, L
ove Culture, etc. much better. I mean who wouldn't want more for less?! I bought this cute skirt while there though and another top but couldn't find a picture of it (on sale!).

Megtard (youtube shaytard family if you want to understand) and I had an amazing time jumping around the mall having people stare at us as well. I swear had 4 boys ask me about my camera, and than after taking our jumping pictures we walked into Journey to receive a round of applause for our 'jumping skills'

PS. I've decided yet again I don't like my blog layout, so I'll be changing it to something cute and simple again soon.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Work it out work it out; you got it you got it

I need to work out more often. I'm NOT in shape for competition season and that uniform is not going to be looking too good on me hah. I got a treadmill for Christmas, but the only time I seem to want to run is when I'm mad and my adrenaline is rushing...100 crunches and toe lifts a night/morning is going to be ONE of my many New Years resolutions.

What's everyone's New Years resolutions? I have a pretty embarrassing one, does anyone else?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Senior Trip

So every senior wants to have that "senior trip", right? Well considering it's MY senior year I was doing a little searching over the internet and found a site with TONS of places I'd LOVE to go! It has community service activities as well which I love doing. Panama Canal/Australia? Yes, please! Now I just need to find out how to get the money...or if I'm still capable of signing up...This is the website; I'm so interested now.

picture from the photo gallery I found from last summer.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hello 2010

Wow, 2009 went by a lot faster than expected. I still remember bursting fireworks in my boy-friends front yard last year when his family visited from Arizona...crazy how fast life goes by, huh?
( my boy-friend took this right before midnight, a new touch to a midnight kiss picture, huh?)